Molech or Molech a god or a sacrifice

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Lorraine asked if anyone replied to my question.

Answer:  No!!!!
Not a bite. Sorry.

So, in the spirit of ‘seek and ye shall find” I once again ask: Alan Lloyd 
in his book 'Destroy Carthage - the death throes of an ancient culture’ 
claims that the term Molech/Moloch refers not to a god (the Carthaginian 
god Baal Hammon) but a sacrifice. Is this correct. What is the derivation 
of this phrase?

Unfortunately, no scholarly evidence is presented with his statement, hence 
I am  asking if there is a scholarly opinion on this matter, or perhaps is 
there  a diverse, range of ideas? Even pointing me in the right direction 
would be appreciated.

My original question is repinted below.

Thankyou Lorraine, for your  interest, and in advance I wish to thank any 
kind enough to contribute to this thread.


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Original Message:
>Greetings to all
>Alan Lloyd in his book 'Destroy Carthage - the death throes of an ancient
>culture'writes of the Carthaginian god Baal Hammon. The Carthaginians 
>decended from the Biblical Phonicians and this god is remembered in the 
>Bible as Molech or Moloch.
>Atleast that is what I understand. However Mr. Lloyd clames that Baal 
>Hammon is wrongly called Moloch as this word refers to 'a sacrificial 
>offering, not a god' (p93 ibid).
>Does anyone have any information on the Hebrew derivation of the term 
>Moloch?  For the record, he writes of the evidence of the child sacrifice
>that the OT speaks of in Baal Hammons worship.
>I would be very grateful of clarification of this word that research may
>have now revealed.
>Very Sincerely,
>Brian Sullivan
>navillusbpi at 

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