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Or we will have to accept that the biblical historiographers did not tell us
all they knew.


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> Niels Peter Lemche wrote:
> > And according to Exod 15, the exodus only stopped when they entered the
> > mountain of God, i.e. when the temple was built. Maybe a link to a
> spurious
> > tradition in a hellenistic source--I believe it was Diodorus but do not
> kill
> > me if I am wrong, that Moses built the temple when he came from Egypt.
> Goes
> > also well with the strange note about the nehushtan that was thrown out
> of
> > the temple by Hezekiah: Why, if it was Moses' cobber snake.
> The Bible elsewhere preserves some rather ambivalent views of Moses. In
> the
> story of Micah's Idol, the founder of the Levitical priestly family at the
> cultic shrine of Dan is no less than Moses' grandson.
> And Former Prophets in general is pretty silent about Moses. A view I am
> acquainted with is that this was to prevent his idolization, as in the
> narrative
> about his unknown place of burial in Deut. 34. But perhaps the explanation
> lies
> es=lsewhere - in the fact that the anathematized Dan priesthood traced its
> lineage to Moses.
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