Tower of Babel & Post-exilic Genesis

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Wed Jan 19 00:32:10 EST 2000

> Mr. O'Riordan has made an interesting observation about the tower of Babel
> story in Genesis, suggesting it may historically allude to the Exilic
> period. If he is correct, then we have a historical marker for the text's
> creation.
> If Moses wrote Genesis in 1440 BCE (the Exodus being dated to about that
> time by some conservative scholars), why is he making fun of Babylon and its
> tower and its religious beliefs ? What has Babylon done to Israel to warrant
> such rebuke ?

There is far too much assumption in the above paragraph.  It 
assumes that the story is making fun; that it is mocking a tower 
that existed around exilic times; that it is attacking certain religious 
beliefs; that it is a reactionary story; that it is engaging in some 
kind of polemic related to political times concurrent with the writer; 
I see none of this in the story, and I see no evidence to back up 
these assumptions.


Dave Washburn
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