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Dear Members,

Allow me to introduce some data regarding the god El in the hope of generating a fruitful 

We have:

1) Bull El from Ugaritic myth.
2)  The theophoric element in "Israel."
3) The sanctuary names of Bethel, Penuel, El Berith, and the altar named "El is the god of 
Israel" (Gen. 33:20).
4) The appearance of El in his wrestling match with Jacob (Gen 32:26-32).
5) The mention of El in the so-called archaic poetry as in the Oracles of Balaam, the Blessing 
of Joseph (esp. 49:22-26;), the Blessing of Moses (32:7-9).
6) The Elohist.
7) The so-called Elohistic psalter (see my website for the data).
8) The phrase bene 'el and its variants (Pss 29, 82, Deut 32:8-9). 
9) The twice attested word 'el from Kintullet Ajrud.
10) The Priestly writer's divine epithets found mostly in Genesis
11) P's syncretistic tradition in Ex 6:2-3.
12) The theophoric element in personal names.

What conclusions can we draw about El from these and other data that may be introduced?

Thank you.


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