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George Athas gathas at
Wed Jan 5 21:31:59 EST 2000

> What is sweeter than honey?
> George, I'll take the bait.  Would you share with us this mysterious letter,
> and how it so changes the reading?
> Thanks,
> Jeff

I wasn't dangling any bait, Jeff, though looking back on my message I see that it seems I
was. I'm currently perparing a paper on my finds which should get published in SJOT in the
near future. What I'll say from now is that the beginning of Line 2 does not contain the
name of the author's father, and the extra letter I discovered was in the first half of
Fragment A.

I know I'm teasing, but give me a couple of weeks and I'll let you know what exactly it is
I found.

Best regards,
George Athas
 Dept of Semitic Studies,
 University of Sydney
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