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Dear Bryan

Happy New Year to you too.

You wrote:

>I think that poetic techniques of the twentieth century are
>*probably* not relevant for the study of the use of the verb
>forms in BH poetry.  Actually, English poets have only
>written ungrammatically during the last century or so (it's
>probably a function of the anti-establishment,
>question-authority, i-said-it-therefore-it's-great values of
>the century just expired.  enough preaching, excuse me!
>)    ).  Prior to the twentieth century, the masters of
>English poetry used unusual word order maybe, but the
>grammar was impeccable.  Pope, Milton, Shelly, Shakespeare
>write something ungrammatical?  Unthinkable.  I'm going to
>play with an assumption until it proves impossible, namely,
>that BH poetry is grammatical BH.

	Sorry, I did not mean to say that Biblical poetry (or English
poetry prior to the modern era) is ungrammatical. My point was that there
must be rules in poetry, specific to poetry, which must be studied before
trying to tackle the use of the verb forms.  Since I have no knowledge of
poetry (in general, as well as poetry in the Ancient East and BH), I am not
qualified to work on the verb system the Biblical poetry (as yet).

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