Documentary Hypothesis (tables 10 & 11 in Gottwald)

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Martin Noth also has such a list in his "A History of  Pentateuchal traditions

Jason Hare wrote:

> B-Hebrew Listers,
> I know this post is long in coming, but some time in the past I sent a
> message to B-Hebrew, asking if anyone knew of a book I could get that would
> lay out the various divisions according to their (presumed) authors
> according to the Documentary Hypothesis (JEPD).  I have found just such a
> table (actually in two tables), and their location was not far from home.
> On that prior post, I stated that I had just acquired Gottwald's book _The
> Hebrew Bible_.  Having gone on a trip to St. Louis, I read the first two
> chapters of the book.
> Last night I opened it again for the first time since that trip.  I decided
> this time to take a perusal through its pages to skim the content.  I found
> the exact tables which about which I had asked information on pages 151-153
> (Genesis 11.27-50.26) and pages 182-187 (Exodus to Deuteronomy).  In case
> this information is useful to anyone, I have sent this message.  Have a
> great holiday season (whether it be Chanukah, Christmas, or anything in
> between) and enjoy the new year.
> B'rachot aleichem,
> Jason
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