Isa 7:14 Dead Sea SCrolls

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Sat Dec 23 21:04:06 EST 2000

> Dear Friends,
>    I understand that Isaiah 7:14 has ALMAH in the MT. Is this the same word 
> found in the same verse in the Isaiah scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls? Anyone 
> know where I can find the Dead Sea Scrolls on the web with an accompanying 
> translation in English? Many thanks.

1QIsa(a) reads `almah, and it's the only one I've found that 
preserves that part of the verse.  4QIsa(l) officially includes v.14, 
but it only preserves the word HINNEH.  I don't know of a website of 
the kind you describe, and I doubt there will be one soon 
considering the legal implications.  A good alternative would be 
Garcia Martinez' 2 volume study edition of the scrolls.  It includes 
transcriptions of all but the biblical scrolls with English translation 
on facing pages.  A handy item.

Dave Washburn
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