Documentary Hypothesis (tables 10 & 11 in Gottwald)

Jason Hare language_lover64801 at
Sat Dec 23 05:21:30 EST 2000

B-Hebrew Listers,

I know this post is long in coming, but some time in the past I sent a
message to B-Hebrew, asking if anyone knew of a book I could get that would
lay out the various divisions according to their (presumed) authors
according to the Documentary Hypothesis (JEPD).  I have found just such a
table (actually in two tables), and their location was not far from home.
On that prior post, I stated that I had just acquired Gottwald's book _The
Hebrew Bible_.  Having gone on a trip to St. Louis, I read the first two
chapters of the book.

Last night I opened it again for the first time since that trip.  I decided
this time to take a perusal through its pages to skim the content.  I found
the exact tables which about which I had asked information on pages 151-153
(Genesis 11.27-50.26) and pages 182-187 (Exodus to Deuteronomy).  In case
this information is useful to anyone, I have sent this message.  Have a
great holiday season (whether it be Chanukah, Christmas, or anything in
between) and enjoy the new year.

B'rachot aleichem,

Jason A. Hare
Ozark Christian College
1111 N. Main (Strong 220)
Joplin, MO  64801
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