transliteration standard?

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A standard set of tranliterations for Hebrew, Greek, Coptic and Syriac can be found at:

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism,

These transliterations are based upon the Michigan-Claremont (Hebrew) and Thesaurus
Lingae Graecae (Greek) systems with links to the originals.

Note that these map to the SP fonts that were developed while Jimmy Adair (Editor of
TC) and myself were at Scholars Press.
See: for the SP fonts.

Hope this helps!


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Society of Biblical Literature
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Dan Wagner wrote:

> There are a variety of transliterations being used in typing Hebrew. Can
> anyone suggest a standard (preferably on the web)? Is there an official
> standard for this list already that some of us might not be aware of?
> Thanks,
> Dan Wagner
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