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John Ronning ronning at
Wed Dec 20 12:57:12 EST 2000

Charles, you wrote:
> Dear John,
> If Liz is
> wrong, demonstrate her error from the text of the Bible itself.  But do not
> assume that your retreat to the NT reconstruction [no matter how precious it
> may be to you] has any relationship to what Liz is attempting to do.

If you review my post from last Sunday you should see that I
refuted Liz' position on Cyrus = the Servant entirely from
the book of Isaiah.  My reference to the NT was only in
response to her vague and unsubstantiated statement "the
Christian authors allegorize everything."  You likewise
speak in vague generalities - I prefer to discuss specifics
- if you or anyone else wants to respond to the specifics of
what I've said on Isaiah 42, then we'll have something to


John Ronning

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