fronted IO in speech formula

Bryan Rocine brocine at
Wed Dec 20 11:09:43 EST 2000

Dear Dave,

Perhaps the fronted IO's you speak of indicate that what
follows le'mor should be pronounced *as* the liturgical act
is performed.


you wrote:
> The indirect object is fronted in the speech formula five
times in the OT,
> all in the Pentateuch.  They are: Exod 30:31; Lev 9:3;
24:15; Num 18:26;
> 27:8.  Is this a meaningful variation?
> In Exod 30:31 it seems to be a contrast.  God is giving
Moses instructions
> regarding Aaron and his sons, and then "To the Israelites,
on the other
> hand, you shall say ..."  However, the other four
occurrences of this
> device do not seem to involve contrast.  Any ideas?
> Dave Stabnow

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