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John Richards wrote:

| If this is the case, why does Matthew so frequently use the form "this
| happened so as to FULFIL what was spoken by the Lord through the prophet . .
| . " - as he does with the "out of Egypt" quotation itself?

I'll repeat what I wrote in my first response -- the main part is towards the end of the

|[...]   For example, Matthew's Gospel uses the
| "out of Egypt" text as a precedent or "type" for Jesus rather than saying that it was
| originally and totally about Jesus. The Gospel writers were out to proof text Jesus by
| seeing how he fit the mould of the ancient scriptural precedents set in the Hebrew
| Thus, they see Jesus as "fulfilling" the precedents (ie, fitting the mould), rather than
| "making" the precedents. The Hebrew Bible gives the types, and Jesus is the anti-type.

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