Proof Texts

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Tue Dec 19 17:12:04 EST 2000

John Ronning wrote:

>Different parts of Isaiah are more relevant for different
>periods of time than others -

How do you know this?

When were the "different parts" of Isaiah written? How do you know?

>some are most relevant to Isaiah's present,...

Which Isaiah? Are you referring to a putative writer of Isaiah text or the
protagonist of the text? How do you know?

>...some to his near future,

How can you know what "his near future" is, if you have not ascertained the
historical context for the writing and whether we are dealing with a
historical Isaiah or not?

>some to his far future, some to a time still future to us now - it's
>multi-functional - like the Bible in general.

This idea doesn't come from the text itself, does it?

How do you know what is and what is not vaticinio ex eventu?


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