Question for clarification RE: Discontinue Thread...

George Athas gathas at
Sat Dec 16 03:13:25 EST 2000

Dear Peter (and others interested),

It's expected that as the content of a thread changes in B-Hebrew, the subject line will
also change to reflect the shift. This is only courteous.

With regards to the 'Question Concerning Inspiration' thread, the subject matter did move
away from the initial subject quite some time ago. However, it was not so much the shift
in subject that led the staff to call for a discontinuation of the thread, so much as
where the content had shifted to. The discussion was getting quite sidetracked on issues
beyond the forum's scope and had the clear potential to begin causing offence to people
(if it had not already done so). In the interests of all members of the forum, the
B-Hebrew Chairs have called for a discontinuation of the thread. If the participants of
the thread wish to continue the discussion, we encourage them to do so either privately,
or in a more appropriate forum.

Best regards,

(B-Hebrew Chair, on behalf of the B-Hebrew Chair Staff)

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