Isa. 42:3

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I didn't document it unfortunately, nor do i recall where i read it. Here
are some of the sources i used some time back when studying the subject,
though it was somewhat limited; sorry i can't be of more help on the hist.
of interpretation:

[Historical Surveys] C. G. Kruse, "The Servant Songs: Interpretive Trends
since C. R. North," Studia Biblica et Theologica 8 (1978): 3-27; C. R.
North, The Suffering Servant in Deutero-Isaiah: An Historical and Critical
Study; H. H. Rowley, The Servant of the Lord and Other Essays on the Old
Testament, 2nd ed.; [Reference & Articles] R. T. France, ZPEB 5:359-62, &
NBD, 2nd ed.; F. D. Lindsey, "Isaiah's Songs of the Servant," 1-5 of series,
BibSac 139-40 (1982-83); A. A. MacRae, "The Servant of the Lord in Isaiah,"
1-2 of series, BibSac 121 (1964): 125-32, 218-27; T. S. Moore, "The Lucan
Great Commission and the Isaianic Servant." BibSac 154 (1997): 47-60; J. B.
Payne, "Servant of the Lord," EDT; R. Schultz, NIDOTTE 4:1183-98; H. M.
Wolf, EDBD, 726-27; W. Zimmerli & J. Jeremias, Paij qeou, TDNT 5:654-717;
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Leupold; E. J. Young; [Misc. Books] M. P. V. Barrett, Beginning at Moses: A
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History of Redemption; W. C. Kaiser, The Messiah in the Old Testament; TOTT;
J. B. Payne, TOT; J. E. Smith, What the Bible Teaches About the Promised
Messiah; C. J. H. Wright, Knowing Jesus Through the Old Testament. 

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 Dan Wagner wrote:

. So any argument
> attempting to identify the Servant with Cyrus (an old position
> held first by
> Servetus, i think) would have to be made on the basis of evidence not
> including an argument from the use of _HEN_.

I certainly hope that I have enough evidence that I can do without this.
Otherwise, I'm in deep do-do.
I would like to look at other writers who have linked Cyrus with the
Commentators say it is an old position, which they then dismiss. I haven't
any references to their work.
Can you give me the reference to Servetus?


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