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Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at
Fri Dec 15 14:41:02 EST 2000

To start with I was unhappy with this decision, as I don't accept that more
than a few side issues in this discussion are outside the bounds of this
forum. But then I realised it is probably for the best to terminate it.

But I do want to clarify one point. This thread had wandered away from the
subject of inspiration even weeks ago when I first joined in. Are you, the
list staff, wishing to introduce a rule that our postings must stick closely
to the subject given? In that case, if we wish to comment on a matter in a
posting which is not directly related to the given subject, what should we

1) Post our comments without changing the subject line?
2) Post our comments and change the subject line to match?
3) Or are we not supposed to post comments not directly related to the given

If 1), how are we to avoid our discussions, even when relevant to the list,
from being stopped on the grounds that they have wandered away from the
initial subject?

Peter Kirk

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From: George Athas [mailto:gathas at]
Sent: 15 December 2000 04:30
To: Biblical Hebrew
Subject: Discontinue Thread (Question Concerning Inspiration)

Dear members,

Enough has been written in the thread "Question Concerning Inspiration". It
has now
wandered away from the initial subject and has crossed the bounds of
discussion relevant
to our forum. I kindly ask all involved to desist from posting any more
messages in this

Thank you.

(B-Hebrew Chair, on behalf of the B-Hebrew Chair Staff)

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