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        I wrote last week asking about a distance learning course in Hebrew.
Here is a summary of the responses I have received.

Daniel Buck wrote:

> Here at Briercrest Bible College and Seminary in Canada we offer a two
> semester Elementary Hebrew course using the course from Moody
> School.  If you would like to contact our Distance Learning Office by
> contact Merrill Dyck at mdyck at  If the Moody route is better
> (I don't know where you are located) I am sure you can find them on the

URL for briercrest is

William Hailey recommended Trinity Seminary.  Their URL is

I've been to the trinity website and they offer Hebrew at undergraduate,
graduate, and doctoral level.  They are accredited through the University of
Liverpool in England.  How acceptable this will be for those who have to
transfer credits I do not know.  You will have to check with the receiving
institution on this one.

John Ronning wrote:

> Possibly UNISA (University of S. Africa) - all their courses
> are distance learning and they do Hebrew.  One possible
> hitch - I think that in S. African way of thinking, a second
> semester Hebrew course is by definition at the bachelor's
> level.  But you could check it out.  (Their course uses
> Lambdin plus their own workbooks).
> Sorry I don't have any contact info but maybe if you can't
> find it on the web I can get it for you.

I have not made contact with UNISA

David Haeuser wrote:

> The University of Wisconsin extension offers courses in Biblical Hebrew by
> distance learning. These are credit courses, though the individual would
> have to inquire at his institution whether they would accept the course in
> fulfillment of their degree requirements. The last URL I have is
> .

I went to the University of Wisconsin website.  They list Hebrew as an
undergraduate course so I doubt it would work for those who need to transfer
graduate credit.

Randal D Sawtelle mentioned his website

>On my Education/Organizations page I have several links that list most of
the schools in the distance education business.
>I believe you can search by major....

I went to this website and found a wealth of information.  There are plenty
of opportunities to learn Hebrew either on the web or through distance
learning.  Not all of them give academic credit though.  The most promising
thing I saw was a course over the internet through Baptist Bible Seminary.
This is apparently a masters level course.  BBS is accredited through Middle
States Association so I doubt there would be much difficulty in transfering
the credits in the US.  BBS is offering their second semester course this
spring.  The URL for BBS is

Hope this helps somebody.

Grace be with you,

Myron C. Kauk
myronkauk at

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