Question Concerning Inspiration (Jack Baker)

Christine Bass christinebass at
Mon Dec 11 22:59:00 EST 2000

> I have always argued for a serious treatment of the OT/HB. [...]

> So let's get going on a serious treatment of the OT/HB and stop with the
> literal readings.

Yes, Ian, I see that there was a continuation of your thoughts on the topic
of the
"serious treatment of the Hebrew Bible." But it is somewhat confusing to me
in that it seems that what you are writing---perhaps not what you are
---is that a serious treatment of the Hebrew Bible precludes a
 literal reading of the text. Is this in fact what you mean to communicate?

Since you have offered to expound upon the Book of Daniel,
I would be interested, particularly in the resurrection/ life after death
you reference, say beginning from chapter 10 to give it more context.


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