Question Concerning Inspiration (Jack Baker)

Christine Bass christinebass at
Mon Dec 11 19:19:51 EST 2000

The remarks on "ad hominem" argumentation are ironic in that I just wrote
the following. Perhaps it would be applicable to keeping this discussion on

An Ode to Ad Hominem Argumentation

When in discourse we disagree
ad hominem we shall not be

sarcasm neither will we do
we will bite our lips till they are blue

the golden rule we will apply
even if we have to lie

in time we may well start to learn
to listen and to well discern

the point of view that others hold
even if we think it just plain old.....

Lord help us now to walk the walk
and not to only talk the talk

Christine Bass


> I have always argued for a serious treatment of the OT/HB.

P.S.---Ian, would you be so kind as to describe what you mean by the above

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