2 Kings 2:23-24

Bill Rea cctr114 at it.canterbury.ac.nz
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>Now Bill only an isolated Kiwi would say

Just for the record, I'm an American citizen living in New Zealand.

><quote> This use of "lad" strikes me as being a local colloquialism </quote>
>Have you ever seen British war time films which use "lads" to refer to a
>band of young men of military age. And what about that old pommy TV program
>called "The Likely Lads" about a group of rascally mates.

As an ignorant yankee, I can't recall seeing such films or the TV
program. Perhaps this particular use of "lads" is more common than I
imagine, but certainly I never heard this use in America and neither do
I hear it in this city. So, for where I live "lads" would not convey to
me the meaning of NA`AR which you say it has.

George suggested the following options:-


Harold adds:-

>retainer, servant

In this list "lad" appears to me to mean "young boy" without derogatory

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