CD-ROM rabbinics

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Yes, I think it is the best one. You can find information on it in the 
Bar-Ilan web page []. But 
there I could not find information on version 8.0, only on 5.0.

In any case, you can order version 8.0 by email directly from the Bar-Ilan 

         responsa at

You can also order it from:

But the upgrade from version 5.0 to 8.0 was much cheaper buying directly 
from Bar Ilan.


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At 16:10 05.12.2000 +0100, you wrote:
>Think this issue was up for discussion last year too, so apologies to those
>fed up.
>Can anyone recommend one CD-ROM version of the Rabbinic litarature over
>others? A search system would be essential of course. Somebody recommended
>The Bar-Ilan one, I think. Anyone know the price and how to order?
>Soren Holst
>Univ. of Copenhagen
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