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Banyai Michael banyai at
Wed Dec 6 12:48:23 EST 2000

I beg the permission of the list owners to make following announcement:my
page is from now on accesible under the adress

The page is best to be seen with the Microsoft Internet Explorer, but I
hope to
be able to perfect it soon for other browthers too.

There are at the moment only three (quite lengthy) papers available for
visitors, one in english the other two in german. These are papers
relating to
the chronology of the Exodus - following clues coming from the hebrew
the chronology of the judges - using the till now, for the biblical world,
completely unknown 7-daru period-, and the chronology of the kings -
proposing an
alternative to the well known chronologies of Thiele and Albright.

Those having questions, or interest to discuss some aspect of the new
chronology, may adress me directly.

Further chronology adds relating to the same subject are planned and to


Michael Bányai

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