LXX text of Jer. 33:14-26 in Bibleworks software

Dan Wagner Dan.Wagner at datastream.net
Tue Dec 5 11:56:08 EST 2000

BTW, my confusion was based on incorrect mapping in the software (before i
started reading the actual LXX there and realized it was from another
chapter 26). There is no recension that includes tranlation of that passage
as far as i'm aware.


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Jeremiah 33:14-26 does not exist in the LXX (k. Ralphs, Swete, etc.), but in
the BW text it's there. Where did it come from? Even in the verse mappings
for the LXX, it lists the corresponding WTT (Heb. MT) for Jer. 33:1-13
correctly as Jer. 40:1-13 in the LXX, but does not have any corresponding
listing there for vv. 14-26 of this chapter even though they mysteriously
exist in both the BGT and LXT text lines. I presume it is from some later
recension like Daniel's Theodotion (for which 2 texts are included in BW),
but which?

Anybody know what's going on here? Am i missing something obvious?

Dan Wagner

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