semantics of sequentials, peter kirk

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Tue Dec 5 10:08:15 EST 2000

hi peter,
your reply was interesting and indeed heartening, and for two reasons.

first, i have been learning perl and prolog at the request of my mentor in
this area, kirk lowery. your delight in learning perl has reminded me of
how much fun i'm having because of kirk, and how much i owe him....
second, every now and then it's nice to have someone actually understand
what i'm doing and why it's important. 

your perl construct follows from the structure, if i can remember my 
propositional calculus:

	~(A & ~B)
	~A V ~~B		de Morgan's law (read "V" as and/or)
	~A V B			elimination of double negative

hence your "do or die". after all, computer science is applied logic. and
with programming in logic (like prolog, goedel), it really **is** applied
logic. ;-)

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