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Jim Henderson JimH at
Tue Dec 5 04:24:09 EST 2000

This contribution went to the list server from the wrong address, so it
was rejected.  Here it is again, in case some who haven't read the
forwarded parts of messages are interested:

Don A. Elbourne Jr." <delbourne at> writes:
> I'm working with the OTA BHS text and trying to place it in HTML. For
> reason the SIL EZRA font does not render correctly in HTML. The vowel
> pointing takes their own character place instead of overstriking the
> consonant. I thought that perhaps this was simply a limitation of HTML,
> when I tried the same thing with the BWHebb BibleWorks font, the text
> renders correctly.
Which browser gives this behaviour?

I have been preparing HTML texts with SIL Ezra successfully with
Microsoft's IE 5.0, but when I changed to 5.5, I got the behaviour you
describe.  I have documented it at
and reported it to Microsoft, but I have heard nothing back from them.

I have tested your example in IE5.5, and found the problem you describe
with Ezra, but not with BWHebb.


Jimh at

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