Question Concerning Inspiration

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sat Dec 2 17:48:31 EST 2000

>Yeah, I know what I said...
>> You miss the point, Dave. The text because it's value is not known cannot
>> used, so it doesn't matter how humorous you want to be, it won't change
>> fact that as evidence it is inadmissable. Try and get such "evidence"
past a
>> judge... "umm, your honour, I know we cannot say when this text was
>> but, umm, I know it's relevant to this case."
>The "court of law" argument is a common one and it's still a straw
>man.  Courtroom evidence and historical evidence are two very
>different things that use two very different criteria, so this is
>irrelevant.  And now I'm really truly out of this discussion.

You don't read how they are writing histories (eg classical histories) these
days, right?


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