Question Concerning Inspiration

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Sat Dec 2 17:40:41 EST 2000

>Ian Hutchesson wrote:
>> >The coastal plain would be easier for travel than the highlands of
>> >Judah. Who knows which would have been cheaper? And whichever way you go
>> >(apart from through Moab), I guess, KA is en route from Israel to Eilat.
>> If they go down the coast, why don't they simply tap in at Gaza? Going
>> the coastal plain is obviously not an option, whereas going south from
>> Shephelah is. From the Shephelah Kuntillat Ajrud makes sense.
>> >(But could KA be en route from Israelite-controlled Moab to Egypt?)
>> (I think Edom is in the way. But then what's the source of your
>> "Israelite-controlled Moab"?)
>I still wonder your argumentation.

I can understand that. It's not yours.

>You refuse all routes to KA except the
>Shephela (partly on good grounds) but leave aside the sea-way till Raphia
>because it wouldn´t fit your argumentation and would make an Israelite
>controll over the so-called Juda nonsense. Or do you have any more grounds
>nthan this one to leave it out?

The evidence asks a response, not a denial.

>Than a slight inconsequence:
>since the Israelite merchants left plenty of Israelite ceramics in KA, why
>didn´t they do so in the Shephelah?

The ceramics at Kuntillat Ajrud were from Northern Israel, Jerusalem, and
Ashdod. It was a waystation. Cities in between produced their own.

>Because they obviously didn´t do so, (why should they have done, since
>they are only a product of your fantasy?)

Fascinating analysis.

>you find some architectural
>features of the city gates as sufficient to demonstrate their controll of
>the Shephelah.

Interestingly the benches I mentioned in an earlier post are also found at
Kuntillat Ajrud.

>In the Israelite mainland and KA they left Israelite
>ceramics behind, in the Shephelah, just for the sake of the entertainment,

What ceramics do you find in the Shephelah?

>Could we still lower the standard of argumentation?
>I don´t think we could.

I must admit I could have made a lovely response, but the moderators
wouldn't have appreciated it. Your rhetoric is not particularly stunning.


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