SIL Ezra in Windows ME

Don A. Elbourne Jr. delbourne at
Sat Dec 2 10:11:53 EST 2000

Deborah Greenhill wrote:
> Now that you have solved that issue, perhaps you have answers for me.

Did the issue get solved and I missed it? I think the issue is still out

Deborah Greenhill wrote:
 does anyone know of any Bible software
> that will use Windows ME.  I find that all the prior versions
> "lock up" the
> keyboard at certain points, so that I have to reboot.

What software are you using? I use BibleWorks and Logos. Both run fine under
WinMe. I haven't had any trouble.

BTW: On the issue of Bible software, I have a discussion list for issues
related to bible software you and others might be interested in joining.

Don A. Elbourne Jr.

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