Isa. 40:10: REWARD?

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Dear John,

Motyer's reasoning seems correct to me. His cross reference to Ezek
29:18-19 seems helpful. A study of the word "reward (sakar)" bears out
Motyer's assertion. Isaiah 62:11, by the way, is a parallel passage.

				Harold Holmyard

>In Isa. 40:10, YHWH is presented as coming with his reward (sakar) and
>his recompense (pe'ulla).  I've often taken those words to indicate that
>YHWH will be giving everyone his due.  Others, however, argue that the
>reward isn't going from YHWH to other people but is rather the reward
>that YHWH himself receives (namely, the flock mentioned in verse 11).
>Alec Motyer writes:
>   Where reward ... is used with a pronoun (as here) the pronoun
>   is the person receiving the 'wage' (cf. Ezk 29:18f. where it
>   is used of the victor getting the fruits of his victory).  So
>   here, the Lord has received the fruits of his victory, and the
>   recompense which accompanies him/ 'is before him,' 'in his
>   presence' is the flock of his people which his victory has won
>   (The Prophecy of Isaiah, p. 302).
>I'd be interested in your evaluation of his grammatical claim about
>"reward" with a pronoun.  He doesn't provide examples.
>Thanks in advance for your help.
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