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<< I'm working with the OTA BHS text and trying to place it in HTML. For some
reason the SIL EZRA font does not render correctly in HTML. The vowel
pointing takes their own character place instead of overstriking the
consonant. I thought that perhaps this was simply a limitation of HTML, but
when I tried the same thing with the BWHebb BibleWorks font, the text
renders correctly.

<p><font face="SIL Ezra">
:¦årA'Ah tE'Ìw £ÇyamAKHah tE' £yihÈlé' 'ßrAÐb tyiH'ãrüÐb

<p><font face="BWHebb">
`#r,a'h' taew> ~yIm;V'h; tae ~yhi+l{a/ ar'B' tyviareB.

Does anyone know of a work-around for this problem? If not perhaps we could
work on a conversion tool that would render the OTA text in BWHebb instead.

any thoughts?

I'm currently working with SIL Ezra in HTML as well and have noted the same problem.  Since I am using FrontPage, I have the option of setting the font to condensed (at varying levels).  Frequently this necessitates adding extra spaces after the vowels so that it appears correct when compressed (generally at setting 2 or 3).


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