Pseudocircumstantial sequential clauses

Brian Tucker jbtucker at
Fri Dec 1 14:19:29 EST 2000

What is the significance of a pseudocircumstantial sequential clause?

Is it simply a syntactical issue in that, it is anomalous to have a
sequential clause with the subject preceding the verb (Wenham, 212. vol.

I do not have access to F.I. Anderson, _The Sentence in Biblical Hebrew_.
So, would someone kindly assist me by providing the germane section from
pages 87-88 concerning what he says about pseudocircumstantial sequential
clauses? (For he record the theological library near my house doesn't have
it either, so I'm not being lazy. ;-)

What is the importance of pseudocircumstantial sequential clauses in
genealogical constructions? Gen 10:8, 13, 15, 24, 26?

I am really interested in thoughts about its presence in Gen 25:3. My
sources say, Anderson speaks to this specifically on page 88, but I don't
have access to him.

Brian Tucker
Riverview, MI
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