SIL Ezra in HTML

John Richards jhr at
Fri Dec 1 13:37:05 EST 2000

From: "Peter Kirk" <Peter_Kirk at>

> Unlike John, I did get the same problem as Don mentioned, in IE5.5 on
> SR2. My entire HTML file is:
> <HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Testing Hebrew fonts in HTML</TITLE></HEAD>
> <BODY>
> <p><font face="SIL Ezra">
> :¦årA'Ah tE'Ìw £ÇyamAKHah tE' £yihÈlé' 'ßrAÐb tyiH'ãrüÐb
> </font></p>
> <p><font face="BWHebb">
> `#r,a'h' taew> ~yIm;V'h; tae ~yhi+l{a/ ar'B' tyviareB.
> </font></p>
> </BODY></HTML>
> John, do you have something else in your header etc? Does the text above
> appear correctly? You may get rather different (perhaps even
> HTML generated by Word 2000.

I have created a file with your text exactly as above and my IE5 accepts and
displays it perfectly - so far as the SIL Ezra font is concerned. I don't
have the BWHebb font, so I cannot speak of that. It also loads and displays
OK as an HTML file in Word 2000.

The only thing I can think of is that my version of IE5 is version 5.0 You
both seem to be talking in terms of IE5.5 - perhaps 5.5 is more closely
"Unicode aligned" than 5.0 - ?

The sample I tried from Word 2000 was quite simply the first chapter of
Genesis Saved as HTML by Word itself, without any interference on my part.
The right margin was irregular, but the actual text displayed perfectly.

John Richards

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