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Fri Dec 1 11:49:06 EST 2000

Unlike John, I did get the same problem as Don mentioned, in IE5.5 on Win95
SR2. My entire HTML file is:

<HTML><HEAD><TITLE>Testing Hebrew fonts in HTML</TITLE></HEAD>

<p><font face="SIL Ezra">
:¦årA'Ah tE'Ìw £ÇyamAKHah tE' £yihÈlé' 'ßrAÐb tyiH'ãrüÐb

<p><font face="BWHebb">
`#r,a'h' taew> ~yIm;V'h; tae ~yhi+l{a/ ar'B' tyviareB.


John, do you have something else in your header etc? Does the text above
appear correctly? You may get rather different (perhaps even non-compliant)
HTML generated by Word 2000. But maybe somewhere there is a setting which
gets this to work. Try editing your HTML to get the minimum which displays
correctly, and send us the result.

The difference may be that SIL Ezra is coded as a symbol font (Charset 2,
Code Page 0), whereas BWHebb is coded as if it were a "Western" fonts
(Charset 0, Code Page 1252). As neither fit properly into any code page, it
is correct to code such fonts as symbol fonts, and BWHebb encoded text will
be more likely than SIL Ezra text to turn into square boxes in Word 97/2000.
But perhaps the character renderer in IE5.5 disables overstriking in symbol

Very soon the best work round will be to code the Hebrew in Unicode. It will
then appear correctly, if you have downloaded the right browser extensions.
What you need is on its way, at least from Microsoft. As this is so close,
it's not worth trying to fix SIL Ezra.

Peter Kirk

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From: "Don A. Elbourne Jr." <delbourne at>

> I'm working with the OTA BHS text and trying to place it in HTML. For some
> reason the SIL EZRA font does not render correctly in HTML. The vowel
> pointing takes their own character place instead of overstriking the
> consonant. I thought that perhaps this was simply a limitation of HTML,
> when I tried the same thing with the BWHebb BibleWorks font, the text
> renders correctly.
> <p><font face="SIL Ezra">
> :¦årA'Ah tE'Ìw £ÇyamAKHah tE' £yihÈlé' 'ßrAÐb tyiH'ãrüÐb
> </font></p>
> <p><font face="BWHebb">
> `#r,a'h' taew> ~yIm;V'h; tae ~yhi+l{a/ ar'B' tyviareB.
> </font></p>
> Does anyone know of a work-around for this problem? If not perhaps we
> work on a conversion tool that would render the OTA text in BWHebb
> any thoughts?

Your SIL Ezra snippet displays perfectly in an HTML document in IE5 on my
system, vowels correctly positioned and everything.
Furthermore I tried Saving the first chapter of my own Word 2000 copy of the
whole BHS in HTML format, and that too loads perfectly, vowels, accents and
all into IE5, though the Right Alignment has gone rather irregular - but
that is not a matter of the font itself, I think.

John Richards

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