SIL Ezra in HTML

Don A. Elbourne Jr. delbourne at
Fri Dec 1 08:54:33 EST 2000

Jim, John, and all,

I'm running the latest IE 5.5 under WinMe. After I wrote that e-mail, I
started wondering what the font would look like with other browsers. I only
have IE installed on this box right now. Is there anyone on the list running

I'm wondering if there might be a CSS or IE specific work around for this.
I'll do some digging.

Don A. Elbourne Jr.

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> Don A. Elbourne Jr." <delbourne at> writes:
> > I'm working with the OTA BHS text and trying to place it in HTML. For
> some
> > reason the SIL EZRA font does not render correctly in HTML. The vowel
> > pointing takes their own character place instead of overstriking the
> > consonant. I thought that perhaps this was simply a limitation of HTML,
> but
> > when I tried the same thing with the BWHebb BibleWorks font, the text
> > renders correctly.
> >
> Which browser gives this behaviour?
> I have been preparing HTML texts with SIL Ezra successfully with
> Microsoft's IE 5.0, but when I changed to 5.5, I got the behaviour you
> describe.  I have documented it at
> and reported it to Microsoft, but of course I have heard nothing back from
> them.
> I have tested your example in IE5.5, and found the problem you describe
> with Ezra, but not with BWHebb.
> Regards,
>     Jim
> Jimh at

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