The 24 hour "evening and mornings" ??? (Peter)

Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at
Thu Aug 31 09:15:50 EDT 2000

For evidence, I suggest you consult any good Hebrew grammar. They may not be
infalliible, but I really don't think I should expect this type of abuse
merely for repeating what is well known by everyone who knows Hebrew well.
Or if you don't want to understand the Hebrew language, don't waste your
time and ours, go and eat fast food yourself ;-)

Peter Kirk

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> >KOL YEMEY XAYYEYKA in Gen 3:17 does not
> >mean "every day of your life", it means "the whole of your life".
> Saying so (yet again) doesn't make it so, Peter. How about even a skerrick
> of evidence?
> I suggest you go to the local equivalent of a fast food joint and get
> yourself a warm canine.
> Ian

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