Postexilic Hebrew Poetics

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I asked the question below a few days ago, but have received no response
yet. If I am posing my question to the wrong list, please let me know.

I am beginning to research the poetics of late biblical and Qumran Hebrew,
under the supervision of Eileen Schuller.
My question stems from a statement Michael O'Connor made in Hebrew Verse
Structure, page
"the post-exilic Israelite prophets and the Qumran psalmists are recognized
to be writing a different sort of verse than pre-exilic poets."

My question is: Who has documented this difference between pre-exilic and
post-exilic poetry most adequately, and where have the findings been
published? So far, all of the descriptions of Hebrew poetics I have seen
either deal with early poetry exclusively (as O'Connor's book does), or do
distinguish between early and late poetry.

Where should I be looking for an answer to this question?

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> Several descriptions of the poetics of early Biblical Hebrew have been
> published, but what studies of the poetics of post-exilic / second temple
> Hebrew have been done (whether published or unpublished)?
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