the twenty-four hour day

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Thu Aug 31 09:03:23 EDT 2000

At 21.25 30/08/00 -0700, Dave Washburn wrote:
>This is just to let everyone know that I will not be replying to Ian's 
>posts.  For the "evidence" and "examples" he so deeply craves, I 
>refer him to my previous posts on this thread, available in the 

Having already responded to some of these previous posts I know their
"evidence" and "examples", that's why I still "crave" them. True to form,
Dave, when asked for the goods, you beat a hasty retreat.


>I would, however, like to continue my discussion with 
>Michael, a discussion that I am quite enjoying, and I hope he is as 

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