Gen 1:1 "When God began to create"?

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Thu Aug 31 00:30:07 EDT 2000

>  L.M. Barre wrote:
> > 
> > Better, I think, to bring the arguments than to claim a view outdated.
> Yes, can we have some examples where SVO clauses are clearly meant
> to carry the narration along?

I want to be sure I understand you here: are you saying that the 
only two possible options for SVO are either 1) pluperfect or 2) "to 
carry the narration along"?  If so, this is the problem.  As Harold 
Holmyard already pointed out, SVO is mainly used to provide 
circumstantial information that may be, but need not necessarily 
be, pluperfect.  In fact it can be concurrent with the main line, or 
even subsequent as required by the context.  There are some 
pluperfects, to be sure, but pluperfect is not the primary force of the 
SVO construction.

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