Holy inspired or myth making men?

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<< We normally think of a day (which can be measured 
from morning to morning as the author does) refers to what
we "moderns" indicate with the precision of 24 hours. >>

The key here, is the words "as the author does".

Whether or not it was P, or Moses, or whoever
might have written/edited the text...

The whole axiom pivots on the belief of the individual:

Do we believe that these men were "holy inspired"?

IMHO, man merely served as God's amanuensis.

These men are not recording their OWN thoughts, but were 
"inspired" by God to write; they are recording the thoughts 
of the Creator. The Creator was presumably the ONLY 
conscious Entity during the creation of our existence,
and truly serves as the only credible witness to inform
mankind of Genesis 1's incredible events.

It is not remarkable then, to contemplate that the 
Genesis account and "days" of creation are not 
according to man, but according to GOD. 

This is the same God, who told Moses and Peter,
that to HIM, "a day is as a thousand years."

Incidentally, I have no personal need to extend 
the days of creation to fit some kind of creationist 
timeline. My own purposes for conforming to the 
"day as a thousand years" formula, is for the
purpose of aligning prophecy. 

The Old Testament is filled with many passages
where this formula may be used to understand
prophetic events.

As a small example, we might note that the 
appearance of the SUN on the FOURTH day 
of Genesis, was a perfect foreshadowing of 
the appearance of the "SUN of righteousness" 
(MAL 4:2) -- who many believe was the Messiah 
who appeared in the FOURTH millennia.

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