The 24 hour "evening and mornings" ??? (Peter)

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Wed Aug 30 18:33:27 EDT 2000

See comments below.

Peter Kirk

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> >PK: Yes, of course! "All the days of x's life" is a standard formula for
> >"the whole of x's life", with no focus on the individual days.
> Your modern understanding doesn't change the literal significance of the
> phrase.
PK: No, of course not. The phrase always meant "the whole of x's life" and
always will mean that. Literalism is simply error, and in a case like this
the error can be easily demonstrated from many parallels. If you order a hot
dog, do you complain that what you get is not a warmed-up canine? Of course
not, because "hot dog" does not mean what your literalism would take it to
mean. By exactly the same argument, KOL YEMEY XAYYEYKA in Gen 3:17 does not
mean "every day of your life", it means "the whole of your life".

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