Literary Classification of Genesis

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Wed Aug 30 12:00:33 EDT 2000

> <LM>
> What literary classification would you assign it then and why?
> <Bill>
> Prophetic history? 

This is not a literary genre.

It runs on a continuum with the rest of the record of
> God's activity in creation and redemption of man. There is no point at which
> the account goes - "okay, that was a parable, now we'll start talking about
> things that really happened". Each account dovetails into the next so we are
> presented with an orderly account of events of interest to those who want to
> know their Creator and His dealings with men.

Nice try, but show me a place in the Hebrew Bible where such a 
statement IS made.  Instead, we have examples such as 2 Kings 
14:9-10 where Jehoash offers a little parable to Amaziah and 
moves straight into what he's illustrating.  Another example is 
Isaiah's song of the vineyard in chapter 5.  The texts commonly 
flow from illustration into "literal" material and back again without 
explanation.  That's where genre comes in.  

Dave Washburn
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