The Garden of Eden Myth (Serpent, Adam, Eve & God)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Wed Aug 30 11:14:31 EDT 2000

Peter wrote to Walter:
>It is a shame that you ruined for me what was otherwise an interesting
>posting by going off on this tangent. But could not the Mesopotamian
>legends, with their greater development, be secondary and the simpler Hebrew
>one be closer to the original form?

Perhaps you could consider why Eve, who was created from the rib, is called

When Enki became sick in the garden of paradise he was sent various
goddesses to heal various parts. one goddess, Ninti (the lady of the rib)
was sent to heal his rib(!), but ti also means "to make live", hence she is
also the lady who makes live. [S.N.Kramer, History Begins at Sumer, T&H,
1956, p.196]

The ambiguity is naturally lost in its translation into Hebrew, but perhaps
you can see the origin of the connection between Eve (life, living) and the


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