The Garden of Eden Myth (Serpent, Adam, Eve & God)

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Tue Aug 29 19:06:39 EDT 2000

The paragraph quoted in part below is indeed crude and shocking, and has
nothing to do with Biblical Hebrew. If you wish to mock Christian beliefs,
please find another forum to do so.

It is a shame that you ruined for me what was otherwise an interesting
posting by going off on this tangent. But could not the Mesopotamian
legends, with their greater development, be secondary and the simpler Hebrew
one be closer to the original form?

By the way, David Rohl's "Legend" covers much of this material, though
without the shock factor.

Peter Kirk

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A crude and shocking way
> of putting this, is that the Mesopotamian Dragon-Serpent, has been
> "pre-empted" by Christ, who has taken over all his roles (Dying and being
> resurrected, Petitioner of Man before God, Offerer of Immortality, via the
> food and water of Life).

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