Gen 1:6-8.

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Tue Aug 29 18:45:49 EDT 2000

What do people who believe in the inerrancy of the
biblical text do with the word raqi(a in vs 1:6-8? Do
they think the sky is a rolled out sheet of metal
strong enough to hold the rain waters?


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> Yes your physics are more or less correct john you could of course argue
> even further back in time to the time after the big bang before the
> formation of stars when the universe was ruled by radiation, and part of
> that radiation of course was what we would call light.
> The priestly author did not know the nature of light, its pointless trying
> to convince people who believe the texts to be man made that Genesis fits
> with science.  It is only when you  consider the texts to have
> been divinely
> inspired does it become necessary to go around finding proofs for
> different
> bits of the text, and then we have to listen to such explanations
> as the six
> days being six spans of time and all that nonsense..
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> Noel O'Riordan
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