The 24 hour "evening and mornings" ???

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Tue Aug 29 10:01:35 EDT 2000

> >It is my belief that, linguistical arguments which contradict 
> >sound theological answers -- should be taken with a grain
> >of salt the size of Lot's wife.
> "Sound theological answers" is a polite way to talk about an individual's
> personal or received interpretation of a text and has in itself, no value
> *whatsoever* as evidence in understanding the significance of a text. 


God forbid I should agree with Ian :-) but he's absolutely right.  The 
text is supposed to be the basis for deriving "sound theological 
answers" rather than the reverse.  If one begins with theological 
presuppositions, exegesis becomes a matter of wresting the text 
to support one's ideas.  That's backwards.  It reminds me of the old 
cartoon where the fellow is sitting at his desk with an open Bible 
and he says "Don't bother me!  I'm trying to come up with some 
texts to support my preconceived notions!"  We're here to deal with 
the text first and foremost.  Other stuff has to grow out of that or it 
has no basis.

Dave Washburn
"Éist le glór Dé."

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