The Satan in Ezek 28 and Isa 14???

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| On Thu 24 Aug 2000 (13:15:19), jwest wrote:
| > satan????? now where is satan mentioned in the story????  and why do you
| > equate the serpent with satan????
|  You know, Jim!  Because of Ezekiel 28:13 and Revelation 12:9, 20:2. Ezekiel's
|  QiYNaH is a mocking funeral dirge over the late King of Tyre, into whom Satan
|  entered as he entered into Judas (Luke 22:3). The similar passage in Isaiah
|  14:4-23 is called a Ma$aL. [...]

You are supplying far more than what these texts actually say. There is nothing in Ezekiel
28 or Isaiah 14 about the Satan ("Accuser"). Nothing at all. These texts, in their
contexts (and that's how every biblical text must be taken!) cannot be used as references
to the activity of the Satan. If you can find the Satan in these texts, then you are
performing a Pesher technique.

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