Sin in Gen 1-3

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| Liz wrote:-
| >God didn't kick them out because they sinned, there is no
| >mention of sin at all, the word never occurs. God kicked them
| >out for one reason only, to keep them from becoming gods.
| I don't find this convincing. Could you explain what you think
| sin is, at least in this context. It appears to me God gave a
| clear instruction not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of
| good and bad. Both Adam and Eve disobeyed and did eat from it.
| If that's not sin what is it?

Isn't the sin of Adam and Eve that they ate the fruit because they wanted to be like God
and so attain to godhood? Being rulers of the "very good" world (which is what the "image"
of God is all about -- ruling) was evidently not "good" enough for them.

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