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I had the benefit a few years ago of taking John Dobson's Hebrew classes on
which his book is based. I remember that he used to give us what some people
call "total physical response" drills, though I don't think Dobson called
them that. For example, he would address each of us by (temporary Hebrew)
name and say "Qum", and expect the one addressed to stand up. I guess that
is what he intends students of his book to do.

Peter Kirk

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> I have used at least six first year Hebrew grammars over the years either
> to study or teach Hebrew. I have just started using Dobson's new grammar
> (SIL distributed by Eisenbrauns), which has many excellent features. One
> thing I'm having trouble with, however, is an exercise in which he asks
> student to "mime" certain Hebrew words. A mime is someone who acts out an
> action or character without any words. But what does the author mean by
> "miming" a Hebrew word, phrase, or clause? Does anybody happen to know or
> would venture to guess? Thanks.
> Ray Clendenen
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