Gen 2:17: Dying thou shalt die

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Fri Aug 25 20:49:50 EDT 2000

I'm with Jim on this one. Remember that despite the multiple narriaives in Genesis, we are
now dealing with a single narrative. In Gen 1, the ordered configuration of creation looks
something like this:

Humanity: Male & Female

In Gen 3, we see a complete reversal. A vegetable ("Environment") becomes the object of
desire when the snake ("Animals") tells the woman what to do, who then leads her husband,
who want to usurp the place of God by attaining godhood themselves.

The "death" of Gen 3 seems to be the curse of living outside the garden in an
uncooperative environment. Blessing is now accompanied by curse. Life is now accompanied
by death, and humanity is destined to die a slow death in hard labour.  If God curses
humanity to death at the end of Gen 3, I can't see how the snake was telling the truth by
saying that humans wouldn't die.

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